About Me

My name is Shannon Ballard. I love exploring cities and small towns in the Southeast and sharing photos of my visits. There are so many historic and fascinating sights to see when you get off the beaten path and take the time to Explore the South.

I was born and raised in Alabama and currently reside in Mississippi.  I spend my weekday mornings hosting a morning show on Mix 98.7 in Jackson, MS. I love radio and getting to share life with our audience.

I also love history and photography. When I’m off the air I’m either researching my next weekend trip to explore a small town or I’m on the road to explore and see what I can find, what I can learn and what I can photograph. I’m no expert. No professional. Just a Southern woman who loves this part of the country.

My friends have asked me to share my photos and the stories behind them for years. So this blog and the photos you see here are shared with love and the hope that you enjoy what you see.