Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

Watched Lawless a few weeks ago and fell in love with the everything about the incredible story of the Bondurant family. Nick Cave wrote the screenplay, adapted from the book, “The Wettest County in the World.”

Most of the movie was filmed in Coweta and Meriwether Counties here in Georgia.

So today I decided to find the covered bridge where a pivotal scene in the movie played out.

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge is in the middle of nowhere but I was amazed at how many people visited in the hour I was there today. It’s rich in history which makes it worth the trip to see (I’m sure the Lawless association has helped revive interest in it as well).

This covered bridge is a piece of Southern history but even more so, part of the legacy of Horace King, a former slave who built it.

From Explore Southern History Website:

Born into slavery in South Carolina in 1807,
Horace King was either set free or bought his
freedom from contractor John Godwin, who
encouraged and mentored King after it
became evident that he possessed an
intellect for engineering that can only be
described as genius. To allow King greater
rights to move about as needed and to own
property, the Alabama Legislature passed a
special act granting him full freedom in the
eyes of the law.


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