Stone House at Manassas, Virginia

Stone house at Manassas Battlefield (c. 1848). During the Civil War, the area around this 19th century Stone House saw action during the two battles of Manassas. The house served as a hospital during both battles. Two privates of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, who were wounded during the 2nd Battle of Manassas (Aug 1862), left their mark inside this house. 21 year old Private Charles Brehm, and 17 year old Eugene Geer, were treated in an upstairs room. Both men carved their names into the floorboards of the room and the carvings can still be seen to this day. By the end of 1862, Geer had died; Brehm survived and lived until 1909. You can visit the Stone House and adjacent grounds as part of the Manassas National Battlefield Park driving tour


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