Mary Fripp – St Helena Island

A reminder of why exploring and documenting what you see along the road helps keep the past alive. Just behind the ruins of the Chapel of Ease on St Helena Island in South Carolina, are headstones that are fading with the passage of time. This is the grave of Mary Emily Fripp d. Nov 2, 1841, Aged 15 yrs, 6 mos. The poem inscribed on her tomb is a beautiful tribute to her short life and the pain her family faced once she died. It’s a portion of a poem called The Fading Flower…”Ah! Thus it is that things on earth, The flowers on which we smile; Though rich and beauteous in their birth, can only bloom a while; And purest joys we love the best soon fade away and die, And leave us sighing for our rest, beneath a brighter sky”. This young woman was so loved. Her headstone is a testament to that and I’m so thankful for moments like I had the day I stooped down to try to read the words engraved here. In those moments I’m reminded of how important it is to recognize the past and those who were loved and lost before we ever entered the picture.


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