Christ’s Chapel “Smallest Church in America”

Christ’s Chapel in Townsend, Georgia is known as the “Smallest Church in America.” The church isn’t really the smallest in America but it’s a little church that brought this community together in a big way when someone destroyed this historic structure.

The church you see in the photo above is the original church that stood just off the Coastal Highway 17 in Townsend, Georgia. A sign on the east side of the Highway notes where you should turn to see the “Smallest Church in America”. The church was built in 1949, at the request of a local grocer, Mrs. Agnes Harper. She wanted it to be a little place for weary travelers to stop, reflect and meditate.

Interior of original church (Photo: Shannon Ballard)

For decades, thousands of visitors stopped by to see the 190 square foot church. Weddings and special ceremonies were held here. That was until November 28, 2015 when a fire destroyed the building. The community was devastated by the loss which was made worse when investigators revealed the cause was arson.

Christ’s Chapel destroyed by fire in 2015 (Photo: Lewis Levine for Coastal Courier)

Within days, donations began pouring in from the community and from people around the world who wanted to rebuild this treasured little landmark. The generosity of donations and the hard work of volunteers led to this tiny church being rebuilt with donated materials and salvaged materials from the original structure. The project was completed in April of 2017.

Christ’s Chapel as it stands today (Photo: Estela Jimenez)

On the day the church was re-dedicated, Brenda Rogers, told the Brunswick News that it’s always been a peaceful place to visit. As Brenda noted, “It may have been destroyed, but it’s risen again.”

Supporters of the rebuild stand outside the new structure.
Photo: Tyler Jones, Brunswick News

Explore Christ’s Chapel

Near I-95, off Coastal Highway 17. Directions
The chapel remains open to the public 24 hours a day. When you leave, please remember to close the door.

Need more info? Contact the Darien-McIntosh Regional Visitor Information Center


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