Drive Thru Museum

The Drive Thru Museum in Seale, Alabama is known as the world’s first drive thru art and antiques gallery.

Butch Anthony Self Portrait at Museum

The museum is a passion project for artist and collector, Butch Anthony, who is a lover and collector of all things curious. The drive thru museum is an offshoot of Butch’s Museum of Wonder in Seale.

Originally, the Museum of Wonder was Butch’s taxidermy shop and artifact room. Now, it boasts more than 10,000 pieces of art, artifacts, antiques, and strange items. Butch Anthony’s Drive-Thru Museum is just down the road from the Museum of Wonder. So convenient, you don’t even need to leave your car.

Windows into the world of Butch Anthony’s Art and Curiosities

The Drive Thru Museum is a one of a kind roadside attraction that’s made from shipping containers. Windows cut into the sides of the containers reveal Butch Anthony’s art, his unique collections and statement pieces.

If you drive straight thru it only takes you a few minutes. But you won’t drive thru quickly because you’ll want to pause and try to work out what each piece means or what you’re looking at.

That’s the delightful part of Butch Anthony’s Drive Thru Museum, it’s quirky, fun, thoughtful and whimsical. Alabama folk art and curiosities at its finest.

Butch’s taxidermy skills are displayed alongside his art and collectibles
When She Says Jump You Say How High
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Donation on the way out? Yes? No? Maybe? It was a YES for me!

If you’re ever in town on a Friday night, you should join in the Possum Trot! It’s an auction and a community social all in one. You can shop, bring your own stuff to sell and join in the storytelling that happens on Friday nights in Seale, Alabama. You’ll find the Possum Trot, here.

Explore Butch Anthony’s World of Art and Curiosities

Seale, Alabama is about 15 miles southwest of Columbus, Georgia.

The Drive-Thru is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll find it at the corner of US 431 and State Road 169. Directions

The Museum of Wonder is about a mile down the road from the drive thru museum, at 41 Poorhouse Road. Directions

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